Eyesafe RPF Phone Screen Cover

Protect your eyes from artificial blue light and protect your screen with the Eyesafe Screen Cover. The screen cover film is made of a high quality, medical grade polymer which is embedded with light absorptive dyes to selectively reduce light emitted from digital devices.

Retina Protection Factor (RPF) 30 blocks 99% UV and 30% high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the range of 380-500nm. RPF 60 blocks 99% UV and 60% HEV blue light. 

Excellent image quality with a Haze value of <2.

Learn more about how Eyesafe screen covers work.

  • Eyesafe screen covers make artificial light more like natural light by reducing peak emissions
  • Eyesafe screen covers include absorptive dyes to reduce light emissions. The peak blue light intensity is reduced to make it easier on your eyes.
  • A protective coating helps to prevent scratching and improves overall durability of your device. Eyesafe screen covers are strong and resistant to scratching.