Improving Health in a Digital World


Improving Health in a Digital World

Screen Covers

Eyesafe screen covers applied directly to the surface of digital devices block UV and High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue light.


Embedded directly in glass, Eyesafe technology is built in to personal electronic devices to block concerning light while maintaining color quality.

Virtual Reality

Built in to Virtual Reality headsets to block concerning light from headset devices

Eyesafe’s patent-pending technology can be applied to various form factors to selectively block concerning UV and high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from digital devices. Learn more.

Eyesafe Products are Built to Block UV and High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light

  • Oil-Resistant and anti-fingerprint layer. Preventing smudging from fingerprints and resisting oil, this layer is applied to the top surface of the film.
  • Scratch-Resistant hard coat layer. The hard coat layer helps prevent scratching and makes Eyesafe film durable for everyday use.
  • EyeSafe UV light protection layer. All Eyesafe products block at least 99% of UV light from digital screens.
  • Eyesafe HEV blue light protection layer. Depending upon the RPF level, Eyesafe products block between 15% and 60% of HEV light from digital screens.
  • Highly durable film layer. Eyesafe film is made with a durable co-polymer.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. A proprietary adhesive allows for easy application to devices. 

Eyesafe RPF Technology

  • Screen Covers
    Screen Covers
    % HEV High Energy Visible 
    % UV Ultra Violet
    Eyesafe RPF Technology
  • Other Screen Covers
  • Eyesafe RPF 15

    Eyesafe RPF15 blocks 99% UV and 15% HEV with a crystal clear film.

    Eyesafe RPF 30

    Eyesafe RPF30 blocks 99% UV and 30% HEV with a slightly tinted film.

    Eyesafe RPF 60

    Eyesafe RPF60 blocks 99% UV and 60% HEV with a tinted film.

  • Other Blue Tech Screen Covers

What the Medical Community is Saying About Eyesafe:

  • EyeSafe Technology
    Dr. Rob Weinstock

    My job includes taking care of people's eyes. Part of that includes protecting people from harmful rays of light and recommending products including Eyesafe to protect people's eyes from the potential impact of HEV coming from digital devices.

  • EyeSafe Technology
    Dr. Bill Trattler

    I see many patients everyday commenting that they have tired, dry and sore eyes. It turns out that device use is impacting how my patients are functioning, and we call these set of symptoms Computer Vision Syndrome. It's important that we pay attention to the impact of High-Energy Visible blue light and how it impacts patients.

  • EyeSafe Technology
    Dr. Sheri Rowen

    With the growing use of LED devices and the time people spend using these devices, we are concerned about the light output to our patients eyes and want to be sure that we can protect their vision for the rest of our lives which is why we recommend Eyesafe technology.

  • EyeSafe Technology
    Dr. Chad Dockter

    Having been an optometrist for the last twenty years, I've seen the growing use of digital devices and the impact it's having on people's eyes. That's why I have my children use Eyesafe products and recommend them to my patients.

  • EyeSafe Technology
    Dr. Molly McDonald

    We haven't seen the long term impact of what High-Energy Visible blue light is doing to ocular health. I recommend blue light protection to all my patients and Eyesafe technology is an easy and simple solution that is important to long term ocular health.

  • EyeSafe Technology
    Dr. David Friess

    With so much research evidence growing around the known and unknown eye and health impact due to digital device use and blue light exposure, I'm excited to recommend Eyesafe technology which can be used to selectively reduce digital UV and high-energy visible blue light.