Here are some of the most common questions about Eyesafe technology and levels of Retina Protection Factor (RPF):

1) What is the primary objective of the Eyesafe screen cover?  
    • The screen covers are designed to provide a level of protection to your eyes from harmful digital light (HEV Light) as well as a level of protection to your phone. The screen covers are patent-pending and are designed to make digital light more like natural light.

    2) How much blue light does this product block?

    • The Eyesafe screen cover blocks the following:
      • RPF 30 = 99% of UV blockage and a minimum of 30% blue light blockage from the 380 – 500 nanometer range.
      • RPF 60 = 99% of UV blockage and a minimum of 60% blue light blockage from the 380 – 500 nanometer range.
    3) I noticed the blue/green border that appears after installation on my white iPhone, is this supposed to appear this way?
      • Yes. This is the organic dye formulation that causes the pigment change in order to achieve the level of desired coverage. This pigment has been tested to minimize color impact on the led display. Most customers tell us that they forget that the Eyesafe cover is one the screen. 

      4) Is the screen cover scratch resistant?

      •  The cover does provide a level of scratch resistance however is not the primary function.

      5) How is Eyesafe different from other screen covers on the market that claim to block blue light?

      • We have a patent-pending organic dye formulation that filters out 99% of UV and up to 68% of HEV light (380 – 500 nanometer range).       No other cover on the market that we’ve tested has achieved this combination.
      6) Do you have laptop or monitor covers available? 
      • This is in development and will be available mid-2016. 

      7) What is Eyesafe technology? 



      8) How is Eyesafe different than other screen covers and other blue light technologies? 

      With the proprietary organic dye formulations, Eyesafe technology is able to achieve the most significant high-energy visible (HEV) blue light blocking available with up to 60% coverage with the RPF60 technology. The chart below outlines the difference of Eyesafe versus traditional screen covers and other pigment-based technologies. 

      Eyesafe uniquely blocks HEV blue and UV light with organic dye formulations, compared to other offerings with little to no blue light coverage.

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