Eyesafe for the Office

Eyesafe for the Office

Eye Protection for the Workplace

To produce bright white light, electronic devices must emit light at short wavelengths. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) deliver higher levels of blue light to the retina than do conventional domestic light sources, providing humans with the first exposure to such extensive blue light. Office workers are now exposed to often more than 8 hours per day of blue light from digital screens.

Several international optical manufacturing and protection standards exist that can quantify the UV and/or HEV Blue Light filtering performance of different materials used in eye protection:

Where applicable, EyeSafe™ products are designed to meet or exceed existing optical standards.

Retina Protection Factor (RPF)™

The Eyesafe Retina Protection Factor (RPF) is a light blocking and device protection scale developed by Healthe based upon digital light research, providing protection from UV and High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light while maintaining device screen clarity and protection.

The RPF scale ranges from 15 up to 60, which corresponds to the amount of HEV Blue Light being blocked:

  • All RPF levels block over 99% of UV light and in addition,
  • RPF 15 blocks 15% blue light
  • RPF 30 blocks 30% blue light
  • RPF 60 blocks 60% blue light

The RPF level also has some impact on the appearance of the film. With RPF 15, the film is clear and transparent due to lower levels of HEV Blue Light blocking, while RPF 60 produces a slightly more visible blue dye indicative of higher HEV Blue Light blocking.

How It Works

High-energy visible (HEV) blue light is an intense band of light that reaches to the back of the retina. Eyesafe technology selectively blocks the concerning light including UV and High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue light.

  • High Intensity UV 315 - 380nm
  • 380 - 430nm Blue Violet
  • 430 - 500nm Blue Turquoise
  • Visible Light

Device Emissions Before and After
Light Intensity from a Tablet

EyeSafe Technology and Light Emissions

EyeSafe technology uses a patent-pending organic dye process to create screen protection with different levels of harmful light blocking, while maintaining screen clarity and physical protection of digital devices. In the form of a screen cover or embedded directly into devices, EyeSafe technology blocks UV and high-energy visible (HEV) Blue Light emissions from digital device screens. EyeSafe screen protectors also deliver the benefits of durable screen protection against scratches. Eyesafe technology can be found in the form of screen covers or embedded directly in to devices. View products.


Eyesafe monitor covers, tablet and phone covers are built for the workplace. Contact us below for more information.