About Healthe

Improving Health In a Digital World
Healthe designs and develops Eyesafe products and technology to manage high-energy visible blue light including screen protection and displays.

Healthe is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company developing products that block high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from digital devices. The company has developed proprietary emission reducing materials comprised of polymers and light absorptive dyes which normalize the light transmission across the light spectrum while maintaining vivid color.


In partnership with the medical community, our mission is to design and develop health-first products, technologies and standards to protect a global audience.

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  1. To be the global brand with Eyesafe representing protection from digital light exposure
  2. To be the Doctor Recommended answer to each and every category we enter
  3. To be the integrated health technology in the manufacturing of all digital devices
  4. To be the source looked to for education around emerging technologies
  5. To be the brand that protects youth throughout childhood and their academic career
  6. To be recognized as the the company the health and medical community turns to design products around light technology

    Eyesafe Megaphone


    Prolonged exposure to blue light emitted from digital screens is concerning for the eye’s retina. On a global scale, many people are unaware of the advancing danger to their eye health.


    Through our patent-pending Eyesafe technology and with our doctor network we provide evidence of the danger of High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light and develop proactive standards and solutions.


    We produce and sell Eyesafe products with variable Retina Protection Factors (RPF). Offered at various levels of coverage to match the needs of the customer.
    In collaboration with the ophthalmic community, the Eyesafe mission is to address the global issue of digital light exposure by developing a safety standard, technology and products to reduce harmful light emissions.

    The Eyesafe Mission Statement

    In collaboration with the ophthalmic community, to address the global issue of digital light exposure by developing a safety standard, technology and products to reduce harmful light emissions.

    Our Founders

    “We develop and produce products to Improve Health in a Digital World”

    OPTHAMALMIC Associations


    Healthe is honored to be part of and participate in many of the leading vision and eye care associations. By working closely with these world-class leaders in vision care we hope to raise awareness about the effects of High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue light and how it may impact a person's overall eye health.

    Research shows that digital blue light is damaging.

    Children’s eyes are especially vulnerable to the intense HEV blue light from digital device screens, which is a growing concern as the popularity of cell phones, computers and tablets for school reading use continues to grow each year. Increasing public health data and scientific research describes the eye health effects linked to exposure to digital device light emissions, including eye strain, and sleep cycle disruptions.

    Healthe helps children when you purchase an EyeSafe cover!

    A percentage of revenue from product sold is donated to Prevent Blindness, helping children become Star Pupils by ensuring that vision problems are detected and treated as early as possible. Visit Preventblindness.org to learn more.