Healthe and Dell Collaborate with Leaders in Healthcare to Protect From High-Energy Blue Light

At CES 2019, Dell and Healthe previewed innovative protection from high-energy blue light – In the span of a decade, technology has transformed our daily lives. Computers, smartphones and tablets are not just work tools, but constant links to work, entertainment and virtual spaces. Today average screen time is 10.6 hours per day (1). With our increasing use of digital devices, some concerns arise about the effects of this lighting technology on the eyes and overall health.

Developed in Collaboration with Eye Care Professionals

Dell Eyesafe® was developed with health in mind, with input from world-leading eye care professionals. The Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board is made up of eye care professionals across ophthalmology and optometry, collaborating with Dell to provide the latest guiding research, implications to eye and human health for the display industry and development of display standards which take in to account human health and safety. They help to define and shape the future of eye health and vision care delivery through innovation, continuous education, and collaboration.