Introducing Eyesafe for the Workplace

We are very excited to introduce Eyesafe for the workplace. Bringing our best in class Eyesafe technology for blocking blue light to laptops and computer monitors in the workplace. Our Eyesafe RPF30 (or Retina Protection Factor 30), blocks 99% of UV light and at least 30% of high-energy visible blue light from digital screens including tablets, laptops and monitors. 

Our initial Eyesafe workplaces are seeing incredible results:

"A fellow co-worker recommended these Eyesafe covers…The eye strain, headaches, and fatigue are gone! Best part is, I actually have energy at the end of the day to go home and play with my kids. I give these a Strong Buy Rating!”

"I have been very pleased with the Eyesafe screens that I have added to my office monitors. I am a tax accountant and I operate in a paperless environment. Therefore there are 5 months out of the year that I may spend 11-12 hours a day or 60 hours a week staring at three computer monitors. I am currently in one of these time periods now and I have felt fantastic throughout this busy season. I have not noticed the eye fatigue or neck/ body fatigue that I used to encounter in the past." - Greg F.

"LOVE, LOVE, my Eyesafe screen protector. I almost hate looking at anything that doesn't have one now. I can tell a difference." - Jeanette D.

Many working adults are now spending more time staring at digital devices than sleeping. This device time is taking a tole on the eyes and on overall productivity in the workplace: 

This is why we created the Eyesafe RPF30 products specifically for laptops and monitors in the workplace. The Eyesafe RPF 30 screen covers filter at least 30% of blue light from 380-500nm and 99% of UV light, helping to protect your eyes and making digital light more like natural light. This is especially helpful in many office settings.

Click here to learn more about the new Eyesafe RPF30 screen cover and to order yours now for your home or office. Interested in Eyesafe for your workplace? Contact us here.