The Healthe & Eyesafe Mission

Healthe Mission: 

In partnership with the medical community, our mission is to design and develop health-first products, technologies and standards to protect a global audience

Healthe Vision: 

  1. To be the global brand with Eyesafe(TM) representing protection from digital light exposure 
  2. To be the Doctor Recommended answer to each and every category we enter
  3. To be the integrated health technology in the manufacturing of all digital devices 
  4. To be the source looked to for education around emerging technologies   
  5. To be the brand that protects youth throughout childhood and their academic career 
  6. To be recognized as the the company the health and medical community turns to design products around light technology

Healthe Tagline: Improving health in a digital world

Eyesafe Mission: 

In collaboration with the ophthalmic community, to address the global issue of digital light exposure by developing a safety standard, technology and products to reduce harmful light emissions.