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Sleepless… Blue Light May Be The Tip of The Iceberg

Blue light from your cell phone, iPad or computer screen may be wreaking havoc on more than your sleep schedule. “It affects eye health, it affects sleep, it affects our mood and emotions, it affects possibly diabetes, possibly development of cancer,” said Dr. Louis Martin, an optometrist, “So I think it is something that we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as the impact of blue light long-term.” Instead of downloading color-altering apps to decrease the blue light, you can reduce your digital screens blue light emissions with #EyeSafe technology.     Check out the full article HERE  

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Blue Light May Change Your Sleep Stages…

Associate Professor of Psychology at Baker University, Sara Crump says, “Typically you go through … different stages of sleep and the blue light impairs the quality of you going through those different stages, so you don’t get as good of sleep at night.” With Pew Research Center reports 44% of cell phone users sleep with their phone within arms reach, maybe it’s time to reach for #EyeSafe Technology to decrease your blue light exposure. Baker Orange  

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Screen time hurts more than kids' eyes

Digital eyestrain, headaches, and dry or irritated eyes may just scratch the surface of the potential long-term damage from blue light. We know the cumulative effects that UV light has on our skin and eyes, but “ Early research shows that overexposure to blue light can contribute to eyestrain and discomfort. It also can trigger serious conditions later in life such as age-related macular degeneration, which can lead to blindness.” #EyeSafe offers an opportunity to protect the eyes from the potential long-term damage.   HealthLine  

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