The Tennessee Vols take on a SLEEP Challenge

From one of the nations most innovative sports programs, Coach Butch Jones has the athletes compete, even while they sleep. To help with sleep Jones said, “They wear glasses to block out the blue light when they go to bed at night. If anyone’s having a hard time sleeping at night and you’re on your phone, it’s usually gonna take an hour longer to go to sleep, so they wear these orange goggles that block out the blue light. The mind tells your body it’s time to go to sleep.


Whether it's a competition to sleep better so you can perform as a parent, a student, at work, or on the field “...the more you sleep, the better you perform throughout the week,” Chris Weatherd, senior outside line backer said. Hopefully their rest shows in their game vs. #Northwestern @ 11:00am.


#EyeSafe Technology can filters those artificial blue rays at the source, without having to wear glasses!


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